Abu Hanifah Foundation Holistic Model

We at Abu Hanifah Foundation believe that effective Islamic teaching and learning must be integrated. It must encompass and engage the whole child, spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. This Holistic approach signifies valuing the ‘whole child’, and recognizing the inter-relatedness of the child’s different qualities.

The school system we seek is one where every child is inspired to develop a lifelong love of learning; where we are concerned not only with the instruction and training of the mind and the transmission of knowledge (ta'leem), but also with the education and development (tarbiyyah) of the whole being.


AHF Holistic Learning Chart


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Tel: 01254 290244 (between 5pm-7pm weekdays) www.abuhanifahfoundation.org   Email: info@abuhanifahfoundation.org
Abu Hanifah Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation.
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