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ICOInternational Curricula Organisation (ICO)

One of the curriculums we utilise is the ICO Islamic and Arabic studies series which has been specifically designed for Muslim students living in English-Speaking Countries or studying in English ico-logoMedium Schools.

The series aims to introduce the students to a balanced and genuine understanding of Islam by building a solid base of religious knowledge that emphasises the true Islamic message of peace, tolerance and love, which will help to preserve their Islamic identity and to motivate them to interact effectively with others in their society.

Presently, the entire ICO syllabus is being revised and a new version will be produced soon to cater specificially for British Muslims and accredited in the UK. In the meantime our teachers utilise sections of the book which we consider appropriate for our students.

We are also proud to partner with Ilm 2 Amal through the implementation of their groundbreaking Islamic Studies Curriculum which focuses on financial and social literacy. Ilm 2 Amal are specialist in character development, and their high quality material aligns very closely with our vision and values and therefore is a vital resource at AHF. 

For certain additional subjects we will also implement other syllabuses. So for example, for the fiqh classes, alternative Hanafi fiqh textbooks will be taught.

We at AHF never rely solely on textbooks and require our staff to produce schemes of work and lesson plans for each subject.  We are also constantly reviewing our curriculum options and hope to adopt the best curriculum available. Our long term objective is to create our own curriculum which we can tailor according to all of our needs, especially for Muslims in the UK. In the meantime, a continuous review process is put in place which allows annual review and refinement of each area of the curriculum.


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